Top tips for moving home

8 Dec 2016

If you are a new or existing social housing tenant, then moving into a new property can be an exciting but busy time. To help make your move to a new property run smoothly we have put together some useful tips and ideas that will keep you on top of things.

Do not leave packing until the last minute!

Think about your packing a few days before the move date, at least! You can use this move as an opportunity to declutter (be ruthless) and only take with you what you need and use. Don’t completely fill large boxes and think about the weight – remember someone has to lift them. Some people find that it is easier to start at the top of the house and work down, if you have a loft space this is a great place to start and organise first.

Label your boxes (top and sides)

Once a box is sealed you could forget what is inside. It is also a good idea to write which room they came from so you can put them in the correct rooms in the new house and prioritise your unpacking. Include an ‘essentials’ box which should be moved to the new home with you and be the first one you unpack. Fill it with tea/coffee and kettle, toilet roll, light bulbs, maybe a set of plates and cutlery, kitchen cloth, tea towel, first aid kit etc.

Don’t lose your screws!

When taking apart your furniture, put the screws and nails in a food bag, seal it and fix to a side of the item with masking tape to minimise the chance of losing any pieces. You could easily lose these during the move, so save yourself time and unwanted stress when you are in your new property.

Essential items

Pack a bag of essentials If you are travelling and moving with children or pets. Make sure their essentials are included; keep comfort blankets, pet food and bowels etc. close in case you need to get quick access.

Removal companies?

Do you need help with the move? Could you hire a van for a few hours or do you need to consider assistance with lifting boxes and furniture? If you do need to pay for van hire or removal companies then we suggest that you try a few suppliers and compare costs. If paid help is not possible then you could always rally round your friends and reward them with pizza night.

Think about food

To save yourself the hassle of having to shop as soon as you have the keys it is worth either packing enough food to last 24hrs or going online and ordering your food shop to be delivered for the next morning. Many supermarkets now offer this service and provide discounts for new customers.

Think about parking

If you have a parking space at your new property it is worth considering if there room for a removal van? Whilst you might not need space for multiple vehicles each day, during the move you might have additional cars or vans to consider. If you can, it might be worth making your new neighbours aware of moving day – this could be a good way to break the ice.

Redirect your post

Don’t forget to tell people that you are moving! Redirect your post, notify your water/electric/gas/broadband suppliers, credit card and store card companies, tv licensing, subscriptions or clubs, employer, children’s school, DVLA, doctors and dentists, friends and family etc. As there are often quite a few suppliers and people to contact you could start noting who you have to contact each time you receive post leading up to the move.

Notify your utilities providers

Once you have moved in read the meters, find out your new suppliers to make sure you are not paying any debts left by the old residents. For added security you can change the locks. You should also contact the home insurer so that your policy is valid straight away.

Deal with the past resident’s post

It is illegal to open someone else’s post and you should not throw it away, so write on it ‘return to sender’ and put it back in the post.

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