Kelly's story

19 Apr 2017

Kelly had been living in privately rented accommodation with her partner and their son who was born in 2012. All their hard-earned money was going towards paying the rent every month and even though both adults were working full time jobs, they were unable to put any money aside or save for their own mortgage. Frustrated with working so hard and only just being able to get by, Kelly turned to Coastline Housing for help and to discuss with them what her options were. It was during this initial conversation she was first introduced to HomeHunt.

HomeHunt is the UK’s leading affordable housing website. Affordable housing is defined by the government as “social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market”.

To avoid the long council waiting lists, Kelly registered for a free account on and 2 weeks later found herself bidding on a brand new 2 bed property in her local area which contradicted all her previous assumptions on immediately available affordable housing.

Kelly and her family were then banded into a category, prioritising the family’s needs and after checking their eligibility they were promptly allocated the brand-new home. The landlords on HomeHunt often allocate a certain number of properties to each of the different bands so do not be put off by your allocated band.
3 weeks later Kelly and her family left the private rent accommodation they were paying £725pm for and moved into the new property she found herself on HomeHunt. Kelly and her partner are now in a position where they can save over £300 a month and have booked their first holiday abroad in 10 years. They look forward to taking their little boy away for the first time, a trip which would never have been a possibility before using HomeHunt. The site allows the applicant to take control of their situation and in this case Kelly was able to break out of the cycle she was in with privately renting a home.

If you are interested in registering on HomeHunt please go to