Eileen's story

21 Apr 2017

Eileen was living in a mobile home in Redruth. Private accommodation had failed her as the prices were not within her means and she was driven to find alternative secure accommodation. Desperate to leave her current situation, Eileen took control of the situation and after googling her options came across HomeHunt.co.uk. HomeHunt is a free website offering immediately available affordable housing from landlords all over the UK.

Registering with HomeHunt couldn’t be easier. There is only one application form which you can fill out online which applies to everything on the site – saving you precious time. This form highlights the applicants needs and helps the landlord prioritise and allocate the correct property to the correct applicant, getting them in the right home the first time.

Eileen is not a very technical person and was struggling to use a P.C on her own however Coastline Housing Association were on hand to assist her with the process. Once registered, Eileen received regular email notifications from HomeHunt alerting her to new available properties that matched her search criteria.

After a couple of weeks on the site Eileen got a notification on a 1 bed sheltered flat in Camborne. She decided to place a bid for it and was pleased when she found out she had won. For Eileen, the move has greatly improved her general living and her day-to-day life is so much easier.

“By moving into this new flat I feel so much more secure and now I am able to save and buy myself a sofa and a new cooker. Living in a secure property has allowed me to have my groceries delivered so I don’t have to go out and carry them home myself.”

With the right tools and some persistence, you can get to where you want to be and be living in the home you want to be in. HomeHunt gave Eileen a choice she didn’t know she had, this then gave her the control to move into a property that she liked and suited and her needs.

If you are stuck in a gruelling property search why not give HomeHunt.co.uk a chance – it’s free, what do you have to lose! Eileen did and now couldn’t be happier with the quality of life in her new home… you could be too.  


Join HomeHunt today at www.homehunt.co.uk