Advice on sharing a rented home

6 Jan 2017

There are a range of reasons why you might want to opt for shared living in rented property. Living with a partner or housemates can help you reduce your bills, meet new people, increase affordability and deliver wider property search results.

Why is shared accommodation a good idea?

There might be a range of financial and social reasons why you consider shared accommodation. Sharing a home can make living costs more affordable, although when looking at a new property it is worth finding out if your bills are included as part of your rent or are an additional cost.

If you are moving to a new location and do not have any friends or family living locally, then shared accommodation can also offer a way for you to meet new people. Meeting the housemates first is always a good idea as once you are signed up to the tenancy agreement you will need permission from the landlord if you wish to have an early release from the contract. It is important to find people that you like, trust and feel secure around.

Do you want to live on your own?

Your own property will provide new independence and could bring the freedom to live the way you wish. If you are concerned about being lonely in your home, then you could consider how you can be more sociable outside your property by joining local clubs and societies or meeting more regularly with friends and family.

Living with your partner

Moving into a property with a partner can be a really exciting change to your living arrangements. If you have always lived on your own and are used to your independence, it might take some time getting used to someone else being in your living space more often. Many friends, family and partners that do move in together often try to set out some initial ground rules or find ways to communicate more effectively, which can help reduce any issues and ultimately make living with another person more enjoyable.

Sort out the practical arrangements

Whatever your living situation, it is always good practice to discuss and confirm living arrangements before moving into a property. Things to cover in your conversations might include cleaning rotas, paying utility bills and even considerations for when guests visit. Make sure that you agree on who will pay for what and if there is no agreement in place, consider if you need to put this into writing. This might sound very formal but by ironing out these details, you can ensure that potential issues are dealt with in a way that you all agree with so that you can focus on living in the property.

Start looking for a new property

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