Tips for making your moving day less stressful

22 Mar 2017

Once you have found your new home and signed all the necessary documents, you might think that the stressful part of moving home has finally reached its conclusion. However, actually relocating to your new home can be one of the most exhausting stages of the process – at least, it can be if you do not prepare for it properly. With some smart, proactive planning, on the other hand, it doesn’t actually have to be demanding at all.

Here are a few useful tips for making moving day as simple as possible:


Have a floor plan prepared

What’s time consuming about moving into your new home is very rarely the unpacking itself; it’s figuring out precisely where you want all your items to go. The process can get stressful when you are attempting to both unpack your items and arrange them at the same time. It will be much simpler if you have a plan of how you want each room to look and where each item you are unpacking should go before moving in day arrives. Visit the house to take photographs, measurements and draw up a rough floor plan. You can then prepare where everything should go in advance.


Pack a box of essentials

There are many different theories on what will make the moving in process easier, from colour coding boxes with rooms to packing boxes with items of a similar function. Regardless of which way you choose to pack, one thing is certain: one of your boxes should be packed with essentials. You may not finish unpacking everything in one day. In fact, we can almost guarantee you will still be removing last minute things days after you have moved in. Therefore, ensure everything you absolutely require for the first few nights is packed in its own box. This might need to include phone chargers, wallets, keys, cups, toilet paper and much more. Trulia has a good list of essentials everyone should take with them when they move into their new home.


Have the right equipment to move your boxes

Carrying boxes from your vehicle to the home can be exhausting, stressful and especially when you have weighty packages to haul, quite painful. Many people suffer strains and injuries in the process, which is not the best way to start this exciting new chapter of your life. Rather than carrying the boxes manually, homeowners can make the process far simpler by investing in some products that quite literally lighten the load. Sack trucks, for instance, which are commonly used in workplaces for moving heavy items, are incredibly useful when transporting items into a new home. You can stack boxes on top of one another and easily wheel them where they need to go.


Label your cables

If you have a quick peak behind your television set, it is probably going to look quite messy. DVD players, smart TV boxes, games consoles – there are sometimes up to half a dozen electronic devices plugged into a television set, all of which have somewhat identical cables. Now imagine if all of these cables were jumbled up into one box along with your other cables used for computers, laptops and other electronics around the home. New homeowners could waste hours trying to figure out which lead is for which device. Therefore, the best way to avoid unnecessary confusion is to ensure the cables are properly labelled so you know what is meant to go where. All you need to do this are some small adhesive labels and a pen.


Arrange an online food delivery to arrive

In the mania of moving day, many people forget to have a well-stocked fridge of food ready to consume once the unpacking is finished. You will not want to take food with you on moving day, as it is just another heavy box to carry. Therefore, it might be a smart idea to arrange an online delivery to arrive for after you have moved in. If you are moving in during the morning, for instance, arrange for it to come in the late afternoon. This way you do not need to make a stressful late dash to the supermarket, or struggle to order takeaway food without a working internet connection. Besides, there is no better way to settling into your new home than with a delicious home-cooked meal.




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